A platform that consolidates all your social networks into one unified space.

The challenge lay in building a brand from the ground up, encompassing the quest for a name, tonality, visual identity and digital applications.


The creative journey commenced with the selection of the name. "Baaz," derived from Arabic, translates to a type of falcon exists in North Africa. Beyond its ease of pronunciation, the name embodies the platform's distinctive feature: offering a panoramic perspective while allowing users to focus on their preferred networks.

Brand identity

The logo was crafted to embody the essence of the name and the platform. Subsequently, our creative team meticulously fashioned the visual identity, breathing vitality into the brand, complemented by a lucid, all-encompassing set of digitally-focused guidelines.

Animated videos

In addition to content creation and campaigns across various digital media, we adeptly handled still, animated, and filmed elements.

Digital marketing campaign

Our Digital Marketing team collaborated with Baaz for over three years, refining their digital marketing strategy, crafting creative advertisements, and orchestrating bookings on Google GDN, Facebook, and Instagram. Our efforts contributed significantly to Baaz's impressive results and global recognition.

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