Diwan Alarab

A TV program initially aimed to engage in conversations with Arab poets, shedding light on the human facets of their personalities. These insightful fifteen episodes were crafted around poets residing in London, where their experiences of living abroad varied. For some, it signified a form of exile, while others regarded it as an alternative and secure homeland.

This project was carried out by Motif Agency while Abdul Jalil Jizawi and Firas Saleh, were partners in the agency.

These engaging dialogues would invariably commence with reflections on their homeland, childhood reminiscences, their early forays into poetry, and the motivating factors behind their choice of either exile or an overseas haven. Subsequently, discussions delved into the political and cultural landscapes that influenced the poet's creative journey, encompassing their ideas, literary collections, and the eminent poets who left an indelible mark on their language and literature.


The camera gracefully accompanied the poet through the nooks and crannies of their daily life – from their cherished abode to the familiar streets of their routine, their beloved garden, preferred café, and even snippets of their favorite songs. Each episode artfully weaved in the poet's recitations of select poems, infused with the very essence of their beliefs and perspectives.

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