Media City Qatar

Media City Qatar is an emerging global home for media companies, entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative talent.

We were entrusted with the exciting project of designing and developing Media City's inaugural website. Our mission? To showcase the diverse range of services offered by Media City and provide users with a seamless online application experience.

This project was carried out by Motif Agency while Abdul Jalil Jizawi and Firas Saleh, were partners in the agency.

Interactive Design

As part of our design process, we meticulously developed wireframes to ensure a seamless match between content priority, user behavior, and the goals of Media City. Through careful planning, we created a digital experience where users effortlessly navigate and engage with Media City's offerings.

Design Approach

We curated a captivating secondary colour palette that perfectly complements the official corporate colours. This bespoke palette was meticulously designed to differentiate product categorization, listings, and details, providing users with an exclusive and friendly interface that exudes a unique look and feel.


Our design effortlessly adapts to a wide array of modern devices, ensuring a seamless experience for users across various screen sizes and orientations. The pages of the site intelligently detect the visitor's device specifications and dynamically adjust the layout accordingly. Prepare to explore a website that flawlessly caters to your device, delivering an optimized and engaging experience every step of the way.

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