Sawt Beirut International is a Lebanese media platform, which started operating in 2005.

We worked with Sawt Beirut to establish their digital presence and expand it to new languages and digital platforms.

Digital Ecosystem

We propelled SBI's digital growth, from one website to a dynamic multi-platform ecosystem. Now, with websites in three languages, mobile apps, and an Android TV app, they deliver captivating video-on-demand services. Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate digital experience.


Embracing the challenge of a multi-lingual audience, our design approach carefully catered to diverse users across platforms. Each version of the platform delivers a unique experience while upholding the brand's story. Our goal was to maintain consistency and user-friendliness as we expanded from a single website to multiple platforms and channels.

UI / User Interface

Our user interface had a clear mission: to offer an engaging and intuitive news reading experience that caters to all audience groups. We went the extra mile to ensure that users feel at ease accessing news on popular devices. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where news becomes a delightful journey, effortlessly accessible on any device.

Mobile Apps

Our ultimate goal was to create a seamless user experience as they transitioned between our website and various apps. With meticulous design and development, we crafted apps that deliver the ultimate video-on-demand experience, perfectly tailored to the needs and expectations of our target personas.


We took SBI's reach to new heights by developing VOD apps for Android and Apple TVs. Television offers a thrilling platform that demands a unique design approach in terms of sizes, interaction models, and navigation patterns. Our focus was to prioritize visual content over text, delivering a captivating and cinematic experience to users as they indulged in SBI's VOD content on their TV screens.

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